What is the growing relationship between casinos and esports?

A growing number of casinos are getting excited by competitive sports and have even started sponsoring some of the larger esport teams. What really is esports? Esports has been quoted as ‘the next College football’ Esports, or Electronic Sports, are video games that are competitively played for money. In eSports, gamers come together from different corners of the world to go head-to-head in a money-based competition. esports is now making serious inroads into the college sports arena, though varsity scholarships for esports have actually been in existence since 2014. There is even a National Collegiate esports Association. esports is a global interest. eSports will be included as a medal event in the 2022 Asian Games, and there is pressure to have it included in the Olympic Games. There are over 910 University esports teams in China Even some casino games like slots are starting to gain inspiration from esports as they aim to become more ‘skill-based’. One major advantage for people who want some now action is that online casinos are available 24/7. You can play online now when and where you wish. But back to the casino-esports relationship. W with competitive gaming growing to become a billion dollar industry in 2019, many casinos are starting to look at how they have take advantage of the esports phenomenon. Some casinos have even developed esports gaming areas such as the 30,000-square-foot space at the HyperX Esports Arena that has already hosted gaming tournaments such as the League of Legends All-Star 2018 and the Capcom Cup 2018. Online  casinos will follow with more competitive games including slots.  A quick visit to syndicate casino allows you to see the wide range of activities that are currently available Even some of the most popular casino games are starting to feel the influence of esports. This is because a generation of gamers are now looking for gambling games that are skill-based, rather than just being reliant on luck. So do the two entertainment options attract the same age demographics. Probably not at this time however as esports events and casino offerings merge closer together then the various age demographics will find an entertainment offering that suits them. This will become a win win for both industries.