Summer Universiade: 2021 Chengdu Summer Universiade

Summer Universiade, it is not any small sports event, but it is a big sports event just like the Olympics. After the Olympics, Universiade is said to be the biggest sports event organized in the world. Summer Universiade is just a part of the Universiade. There are 3 sports events or games which come under the Universiade. They are World University Championships, Summer Universiade, and Winter Universiade. All these sports events are organized by the International University Sports Federation, FISU. FISU is providing an opportunity for all university and college students so that they can participate in different types of sports. It is providing these students a broader platform and that too on the international level. This helps these students not just to participate in different types of sports. But it is said to be a stepping stone for their sports career, as there are many students in the world who are not being able to get a proper platform for participating in different types of sports. Around 60 and above sports are covered by the FISU, and they are being conducted by it in various sports events.

What are the Universiade sports events?

Both Summer and Winter Universiades are big sports events. And as the name goes, you can understand by yourself that Summer Universiade is being organized in the summers and Winter Universiade is being organized in the winters. They include different types of summers and winter sports also. But there are some common sports also which are being organized in both Summer and Winter Universiade. Firstly, the FISU organized the Summer Universiade in the year, 1959. And then the Winter Universiade was organized in the year 1960. Since then, FISU started organizing both Summer Universiade and Winter Universiade. They are being organized consecutively every 2 years in a new city. And FISU decides which city will host the Universiade.

Who can participate in Universiade?

In both the Summer Universiade and the Winter Universiade, the students and sportsmen from different universities can take part. There are athletes from all over the world who participate in the Summer Universiade and the Winter Universiade. More than 150 countries participate in the Summer Universiade and the Winter Universiade. It is being said that if any university wants to participate in the Summer Universiade or Winter Universiade, they can send the request to the authorities of the organizing committee of the Universiade. All the rules for participation in the Universiade are mentioned on the official website only. Now as the Chengdu Universiade is coming, so if you want to be a part of this Summer Universiade, so you can go through the website – From there, you can seek the complete information about the participation and the Chengdu Universiade also.

Know a few things about the Chengdu Universiade

Have you ever been to a Universiade before? Or are you following the Universiade games? If yes, then you must be aware of the upcoming 2021 Summer Universiade. The 2019 Summer Universiade just got over. It was held in Naples, Italy, and now the preparation for the Summer Universiade 2021 has begun, which is in Chengdu, China. The date decided by the FISU for organizing the 31th Summer Universiade is from 8th August 2021 to 19th August 2021. The sports which are going to be there in this Summer Universiade are already been decided. The Chengdu Universiade committee has already provided the list of the sports and the events which are going to be there in the 2021 Chengdu Universiade. Chengdu is a city in China which is the capital city of Sichuan Province, located in Central China. You all should be happy to know that Chengdu has organized many sports and events before also and they all were successful. This is also one of the reasons why FISU decided to make Chengdu the host city for the Summer Universiade. It is not just good for all the athletes and sportsperson participating in the Summer Universiade. But it is also good for Chengdu city, as it will help in the development of the city. Whether you are a university who wants to participate in the Summer Universiade 2021 or you are a company that wants to sponsor the Chengdu Universiade, just go through all the terms and conditions first and then you can apply for the same.