What are the biggest win for the Bloggers ?


The creating unique and great content can be the biggest win for the bloggers but it’s of no use if you don’t have a audience to read that post.

It takes ages to bring audience and traffic to your blog .

The difference between the successful bloggers and others is that they were able to harness the potential readers for their content while other where not able to do that.

So, How to increase traffic for your blog ?

I have compiled some unique tricks to increase traffic to your content.

1. List building.

List building is most important step in bringing the traffic to your blog. According to the reports the 80% of the traffic to the blog post come from the subscribers. The subscribers are the person who are interested in reading your post and in your niche.

The list building is important step in making revenue , the subscribers​ are the main source of income for the bloggers. List building should be given the first priority , the plugins like :

  • Sumo me
  • Thrive leads
  • Optin monster
  • Lead pages

Help us to built a healthy subscribers list.

2. On page and off page seo.

The other main source of traffic can be organic traffic. In order to gain organic traffic , you have to rank your pages , post and images in Google and other search engines.

On page seo

The webpages should be SEO( search engine optimization) optimized that means :

  • Should have a focused keywords.
  • Title should be appropriate
  • The meta description should be specified.
  • The images should have alt tag.
  • There should be proper interlinking of blog post
  • There should be few outbound links
  • The Title and url of the pages should have specified keywords.

If a blog post is made considering these points the Google bot would easily crawl through your sites and would fetch the information for Google which would lead to indexing of post.

Off page seo

The off page seo consists of the process of backlinking and passing the link juice From one website to other. There are various way in which the backlinks can be made some are made organically and some are made by the softwares and bots.

The backlinks​ made organically are the part of the white hat seo


The backlinks made my softwares falls under black hat seo and does way more harm than good.

The important thing to see in backlinking is that other website should be passing link juice to your site. In order words the backlinks should be dofollow links. The no follow links does no good to traffic.

3. Guest posting.

It is the most effective way to increase traffic is to promote your website on other blogs and you can increase your brand popularity. You can get one more backlink via guest blogging which is helpful to increase your search engine visibility and you get traffic too. Some website don’t support backlinks but they allow you to make yourself a brand so that people becomes notable in their field. Either of two will post your traffic.

Find the high quality blogs of your niche and contact the owner of that blog for guest blogging. Search best sites in your niche and make great content for guest post, don’t write post for only getting backlink. Create peaceful content that is helpful for readers and if readers love your post then they will definitely come on your website.

4. Social media

The social media is one of the most powerful traffic driving platform. The people earns thousand of dollars from the traffic of social media. The social media traffic is best for list building. The more traffic to your blog would indirectly rank your website.

The social media also provide your website with weak backlinks which are benificial for your site.

Social media sites like facebook, twitter, pinterest and reddit are the most popular social media platforms to promote your content and links. Create your profiles on popular social media sites and find peoples and categories of your niche and then share your best content on relevant categories.

5. Speed of your website.

According to new update and Google algorithm , the website with less response time tends to rank higher than The other websites.

Make sure That you reguraly check your website response time from Google speed insight.

These would reduce your website reduce time

  • Minifing Java scripts
  • Minifing css
  • Reguraly clearing caches
  • Gzip compression


6.  Unique content

The content quality is directly proportional to the rate of indexing. The features of quality contents are :

  • Minimum 500-600 words.
  • Unique content .
  • No Plagiarism of content.
  • Unique Title and meta description.
  • The value imparted by the content.

The Google loves the sites providing high quality content and keep this sites ahead of other sites. Google is basically biased to the content , the post from the high content sites index very quickly and it not only index but start ranking in search engines.

7. Suitable keywords

The source of organic traffic is the direct output of keywords. The keywords density also helps in getting more visitors on your blog.

For example : if you use keyword plugin and is someone searchers for plugins , then your post will pop up and you will have new visitors.

Avoid using Keywords which are being used by all as it would be very difficult to rank your post , you should choose the long keywords which are unique and have many searches for them.

8. Google ads and Facebook ads.

You are already focusing on the organic traffic, why not take it to paid side as well? Ads has positive impact on organic click through rate. Many big brands are using ads to improve their brand name and it will help to generate extra leads.

If you are hoping that more organic traffic to your website will convert in more sales then you will need to target more commercial keyword in your ads campaign. Find your best keywords with google keyword research tool and make your first PPC campaign fast.


9. Interlinking

Interlinking is very important part of the indexing and ranking strategy.

internal linking plays major role in seo because you know the googlebot goes one page to another page via links. So link your old blog posts in your new post if needed.

Other benifit is that the readers will spend more time on your page which indirectly improves your ranking on basis of better use experience and time spent online.

10. Social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking sites like :

  • Tumblr
  • Evernote
  • Delicious
  • Pinterest

Allows you to bookmark your site over there , the social bookmarking sites have over millions and billions of active users. They would boost your traffic to a large extend.

The web directories are also bookmarking sites which allow you to submit your content online and have thousands of active users , indirectly increase traffic.

 11. Make your YouTube​ channel.

Making a YouTube video can easily derive traffic to your blog. Many Blogger made YouTube videos in order to increase traffic to their blogs. YouTube have highest amount of user searching for various things.

12. Be active on quora and Reddit.

The question answer websites like qoura and Reddit can drive tons of traffic to your blog , if you have views than you can simply place a link of your blog there , it will drive a lot of traffic.


Personal experience.

I have personally used all the methods and I highly recommend you to use these methods.

It helped me to  increase traffic from google searches organically from 0 to 30

Total page views from 100 to 400.


About Author

My name is Prazwal Mahajan , The admin of Pile up blogs

I have converted my passion of blogging into full time blogger . Back in 2016 , I stumbled upon the article of ‘How to blog ’ for $ 100. Within 24 hours of reading that article I started my blog at blogger . As the curiousity of writing demanded more from me , so I am here to start my own website , to satisfy my hunger .

As my blogs have grown in popularity and began to generate income , blogging has grown from a hobby.